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We are running a sanctuary in Germany as a non-profit organization. We offer animals a place to live without them having to provide a so-called "benefit". The animals are cared for here and kept in a species-appropriate manner to the best of our ability.

Saving one animal doesn't change the whole world, but the whole world changes for that one animal.

(Author unknown)

We are actively involved in animal welfare and, with your support, would like to help as many animals in need as possible, provide temporary or permanent shelter for rescued animals and carry out public relations work to raise awareness and educate people about animal welfare.

NEWS: HAPPY END for father, mother and children

The story of Hanni and Mogli Junior - mother and son, who moved in with us a few weeks ago - is not really a classic rescue story. And yet it is a story with Happy end for father, mother and children.

The happy ending story on YouTube. Subscribe to the channel for more stories of the sanctuary.

Fundraising campaign

We are constantly working on optimizing and expanding the habitat for the animals and creating space for new animals.

We have a number of specific projects and investments planned for the welfare of the animals, which we would not be able to manage without your support. We are already supported on site by many volunteers, so we can already make a difference. As a result, many of the animals already have more space and new animals have also been rescued.

We would be delighted if you could make your contribution for the animals. Every single contribution counts and ultimately helps the rescued animals - on behalf of all the animals we stand up for with our work!

Book tip

Kühe kuscheln: Wie die Tiere und ich ein neues Leben begannen (Only available in German)

Author: Joar Berge

"The path to myself led me go back to the cow pasture." – Joar Berge

Even as a child, Joar Berge possessed an extraordinary connection to cows, which was to shape his entire life. After years of excessive city life in various metropolises, Joar follows his real dream and gives the cows Dagi and Emma a place to live. This decision gave his life a completely new direction and revealed to him the importance of special animal-human relationships. Since then, Joar has spent countless hours on the cow pasture, blending into the rhythm of the growing herd of cows and sharing his experiences with us. Then Joar makes another landmark decision - and not just for his own life: Together with friends, he founds a life farm for animals. This turns his dream into personal vocation. In the time that follows, Joar undergoes a process that not only describes his own path to inner happiness , but also inspired many others for the special relationship and handling of animals .

Publication: May 03, 2023 (Gräfe und Unzer Verlag)

Available everywhere there are books (Germany).

Tales Of The Sanctuary

New YouTube video series

Joar Berge: "With this video series, I would like to take you with me to the sanctuary, give you an insight into our work and show you encounters that touch me every day. Above all, I want to give the animals themselves a voice. To show that each of these creatures has its own personality with its own feelings and emotions."

Der Kuhflüsterer – Neustart auf dem Bauernhof (Only available in German)

WDR Documentary

In the first year, we were accompanied by a TV team from WDR. The result is what we think is an authentic and loving compilation of our time together on the farm. "The cow whisperer - a new start on the farm" gives you an insight into the life story of Joar Berge and how the sanctuary was created shortly afterwards together with friends. We have embedded the documentary for you here.

We are very pleased about your interest, so much positive feedback and your support in so many different ways.
We would like to take you with us on our journey with the animals - with all the beautiful, but also difficult and sad moments.
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