Donations are doubled!

A foundation has agreed to match every donation* we receive through July 15th, so your contribution will count twice for the care of more than 50 rescued animals!

“Saving one animal doesn't change the whole world, but the whole world changes for that one animal.”

* Donations of up to €30,000 will be doubled. You can find more information about this fundraising campaign below.

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About this fundraising campaign

Kuh Hanni und Mogli Junior

On behalf of all our rescued animals thank you for your donation!

Picture: Hanni and her son Mogli Junior. Hanni will give birth to her last calf at our sanctuary this summer.

We are a sanctuary in Germany that provides a safe place to live for over 50 animals that would otherwise not have been so lucky. These are mainly so-called farm animals, and our mission is to give each being a beautiful life created for their specific needs.

In order to ensure the welfare of the animals, our daily costs include feed, animal needs, medical care, maintenance, care of the farm and pastures, as well as equipment, insurance, and staff. It is also very important for us to tell the stories of our animals through social media and other outlets. So whether it’s our cows, pigs, goats, turkeys, chickens, ducks or rabbits, we aim to give them a voice, and show the world that each of these individuals have a unique personality with their very own feelings and emotions.

You can follow our work on social media, see the progress of our projects, and get to know all the animals, and we believe you’ll love them as much as we do.

Only with your support is it possible for us to cover the costs incurred for all the animal members of our family, as well as to give other animals the opportunity to join our sanctuary in the future.

We would be delighted if you would make your contribution through July 15th, as each donation will be doubled for greater impact, and every contribution counts!

NEWS: HAPPY END for father, mother and children

The story of Hanni and Mogli Junior - mother and son, who moved in with us a few weeks ago - is not really a classic rescue story. And yet it is a story with Happy end for father, mother and children.

The happy ending story on YouTube. Subscribe to the channel for more stories of the sanctuary.

Tales Of The Sanctuary

New YouTube video series

Joar Berge: "With this video series, I would like to take you with me to the sanctuary, give you an insight into our work and show you encounters that touch me every day. Above all, I want to give the animals themselves a voice. To show that each of these creatures has its own personality with its own feelings and emotions."

Der Kuhflüsterer – Neustart auf dem Bauernhof (Only available in German)

WDR Documentary

In the first year, we were accompanied by a TV team from WDR. The result is what we think is an authentic and loving compilation of our time together on the farm. "The cow whisperer - a new start on the farm" gives you an insight into the life story of Joar Berge and how the sanctuary was created shortly afterwards together with friends. We have embedded the documentary for you here.

We are very pleased about your interest, so much positive feedback and your support in so many different ways.
We would like to take you with us on our journey with the animals - with all the beautiful, but also difficult and sad moments.
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Questions & suggestions

We are happy to receive any request from you. Our team will do its best to answer all inquiries promptly. Click here for the contact details.