Anton and Gertrud are siblings and come from a hobby breed. They already lived on the farm where the sanctuary was founded in 2020.

Anton likes to ask for a welcome kiss with his snout. He is funny, but tends to forget his size and weight.


Freddy was abandoned in the forest as a small piglet. It took a week before he could be caught.

Freddy found his new home at the sanctuary in December 2022.

Despite his history, Freddy is very attached to people and when he feels safe, he can let himself go. He demands to be stroked and wants to be teased, literally until he drops.


Fridolin was abandoned together with his siblings in the forest.

When we were looking for an age-appropriate buddy for Freddy, we heard about the fate of these pigs and that a home was being sought for them.

We took in Fridolin at the sanctuary in December 2022. The other pigs were placed to another beautiful home nearby.

Fridolin is the youngest and also the smallest of our pigs. Small but lovingly big!


Gertrud (affectionately called Gerdi by us) and her brother Anton have been part of the sanctuary family from the very beginning.

Gerdi will do anything for a treat, she can even do "sit".